Welcome to my little vegetarian kitchen!  A little bit o’ Spain, and little bit o’ California, and a whole lotta love and veggies!

My name is Jamie.  I am an full time work at home mother of 2 crazy cute kiddos, whos picky tastes challenge me daily, and I am married to my best friend Albert for 15 years. ( who is from Spain, and loves to cook too!) I want to share my love of vegetarian cooking to as many people who are interested, and want to learn more, and who are not afraid of flavor or are intimidated my meat free dishes….there is so much to love and explore!  Most recipes on my site are healthy and taste great, but sometimes, I will throw in something that will make you have to do an extra sit up, and extra lap around the block or stay an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill, because it will be so worth it.  You can eat clean, and healthy, and it is okay not to be a robot, and treat yourself to something naughty once in a while..trust me…it is ok!

Here is a little about me 🙂   I am a graphic designer, lifestyle photographer, LOVER of food..maybe to much, wannabe foodie, and wine obsessed.  I binge watch the Big Bang Theory on Netflix when I can’t sleep, I live in small flat in Spain with my husband and kids, I am crazy about my Zumba classes (they let me sweat out all of my stress and food I eat!), I am petrified of flying, but I love to travel, and I love to make new dishes, and try to things….and I LOVE change, and try to never fear it.  I despise eggplant…I know…WHAAAAAT!? How can something so beautiful taste so funky?! Everyone always tells me, if I am a vegetarian, I need to like all vegetables, but yeah sorry..I don’t. The texture just makes me gag.  I prefer a great squash or zucchini instead.

I wanted to start this blog, because I became vegetarian 10 years ago, and I remember while starting, that my resources were scarce.  I thought all I could eat was Kraft Mac & Cheese, or plain veggies (which I hated, funny enough).  I would scour through cookbooks looking for any vegetarian recipes which were few and far between, and they were all so similar if not the same…UGH.  So once I moved to Spain, the cooking bug bit me.  All of the freshest produce was everywhere, and in abundance…I had to have it!!  Totally lost, I opened up my dusty cookbooks, and started on my journey.  I started experimenting, and here we are…

 Just because you are eating healthy fruits, veggies and other meatless food, does not mean you should hold your breath while you eat it, because of the taste… amirite!?  I will show you how to prepare vegetarian and ( don’t freak out) vegan dishes, that you will not even miss meat not being on the plate!  This blog is not all about being the healthiest person out there. It is about having fun with your food, and it means putting loads of cheese on top of your favorite dish…by all means do it!  White pasta, cheese, white rice and potatoes are all great tasting food, and are not off limits here.  Are you still with me?!

I am work at home Mom that wants my kids to grow up eating well, and to appreciate the food that is in front of them, and love it!  Veggies and fruits are not to be feared…they are to be enjoyed 🙂 So whether you are here to find a recipe for Meatless Monday, interested in a vegetarian diet or you are just curious, and want to try something new…welcome! Come on…Lettuce eat veggies!

I hope to enjoy these recipes, and have fun making them as well!

Jamie xo

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