Garlic Sauteed Mushrooms (Champiñones al Ajillo)

Believe it or not, being a vegetarian in Spain is pretty easy.  I would say it is a veggie friendly country.  If there is nothing on the menu, then they will always gladly make it for you. Since everything in restaurants is made from scratch and not frozen and premade, that is usually never a problem.  One of my most favorite tapas ( and everyone else’s as well)  are….drumroll… Garlic Sauteed Mushrooms (Champiñones al Ajillo).  OMG, these are so garlicky and yummy, and best of all pretty quick to make.  Serve these babies up with a cold Spanish beer, and you will be in heaven.  I remember my first time ever having these was in a small tapas bar in Barcelona back in 2005.  I was not a vegetarian yet, so I pretty much had any option , and I chose those.  I am pretty sure I took over the whole plate, and nobody else at my table even tried them.  Bummer.

I personally love to add as much garlic as I feel like chopping up.  You know garlic is a pain in the A to mince.  If the mood strikes me to keep going with the mincing, the better these mushrooms will taste.  I also like to make mine a little more on the overdone side.  More garlic flavor.  Did I mention that I kind of like garlic?!

A little squeeze of lemon for the finale is a great way for the flavors to mesh and come together.

Garlic Sauteed Mushrooms (Champiñones al Ajillo)


  • 1/2 package button mushrooms ( or about 8-10 )
  • 1/4 cup chopped flat leaf parsley
  • 3-4 minced garlic cloves
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • lemon juice ( just a squeeze)
  • salt to taste


  1. heat up a small to medium saute pan
  2. add olive oil and garlic
  3. stir garlic until fragrant ( do not over cook, or the taste will be bitter)
  4. Add mushrooms and stir well until they are slightly brown
  5. Add a little bit of chopped parsley, and stir
  6. Once the mushrooms look done, add a squeeze of lemon juice
  7. Plate the mushrooms, and add fresh parsley for garnish
  8. Enjoy!

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