Honey Dijon Brussel Sprouts

Normally the first thing people think about when the words “brussel sprouts” are mentioned is…”EWWWWWWW”, but not anymore guys.  These little nuggets are packed with vitamins like B, K B6, and even contain Omega 3’s….what!?  I have always loved brussel sprouts and have spent countless meals trying to convince people that they are good and good for you.  Little did I know that all it took was a little of this and a little of that to spice them up, and now they are a hit!  This dish is sweet and savory with a hint of sweetness from the honey, and the kick of the dijon for the salt.  It pairs great with just about any protein (vegetarian of course)!

Honey Dijon Brussel Sprouts
Sweet and Savory little sprouts with melt in your mouth, and make you reach for a second spoonful!
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  1. 1 Lb Fresh brussel Sprouts
  2. 1 Tbsp. Honey
  3. 1 Tbsp. Dijon Mustard
  4. 1 Tbsp. Olive
  1. Wash and rinse the brussel sprouts
  2. Peal off the outer leaves of the sprouts making sure there is no hidden dirt
  3. Cut off all of the stocks on the bottom of the brussel sprouts
  4. Cut each brussel sprout in half
  5. Add olive oil into a pan, and add the brussel spouts on medium heat, until they are tender
  6. Once tender, add the honey and dijon. Toss until all of the brussel spouts are coated on medium heat, and they are carmelized
  7. Remove from heat, and serve
  8. Enjoy!

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